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Streets of Philadelphia

A ridesharing street photographer documents life in the city

Philly Nor’Easter


Digging Out in Torresdale
The aftermath of a freak mid March snowstorm in Philly.

Wow!  Just what everyone in the city just loves…  Snow, and lots of it, in March.

In what may be the most leonine start to March on record, two massive and powerful nor’easters have already roared through the region, leaving hundreds of thousands without power and well over a foot of snow in spots in just the first week of the month.

Infamous Address – 3514 North Marshall Street

Strange odors sometimes wafted from this dilapidated house in the Tioga section of North Philadelphia, smells that neighbors likened to burning flesh. Then there were the odd noises: hammering at all hours, and what sounded like an electric saw and other power tools. Heavy-metal music blared day and night. But no one suspected the horrors that Philadelphia police discovered back in 1987, when they raided the house owned by Gary Heidnik, 43, a self-anointed “bishop” of his own church who flashed rolls of money and drove expensive cars.


Parts of one woman’s body were found in the freezer, and pieces of bone were located elsewhere in the kitchen. In the dungeon-like basement, furnished only with a portable toilet and two mattresses, three half-naked women clung to life. Two of them were chained to sewer pipes; the third was imprisoned in a shallow open pit covered with plywood weighted down by bags of dirt. Said Chief Inspector James Gallagher of the Philadelphia police department: “It was ghastly.”

You can follow this LINK to Wikipedia to learn all about all the grisly details.

As of the date of this post, the building has been completely demolished.

Infamous Address – 3801 Lancaster Avenue

At the eastern edge of Philadelphia’s Powelton Village neighborhood, stands a boarded up –  triangular-shaped brick building that once was home to a clinic known as “The Women’s Medical Society”.


The former House of Horrors – as it appears today.

This practice was owned and operated by one Dr. Kermit Gosnell, a provider of late-term abortions and a prolific prescriber of OxyContin.

The circumstances surrounding this clinic, and the good doctor in particular, make for some very interesting (and quite horrifying) reading.

You can follow this LINK to Wikipedia to learn all about all the grisly details.

As of the date of this post, the building is unoccupied but still standing.

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