Several years ago, I started to think more intensely about my photography and what I wanted to do moving forward.  My love of documentary style imagery, and my fondness for the city of my birth led me to an inevitable conclusion.

Part of my I would start the lengthy process of capturing the essence of every one of Philadelphia’s many diverse neighborhoods.

Not an easy task – as the various boundaries are not clearly defined – and were subject to a great many changes over the years.

After doing a ton of research, I settled on the idea of segmenting the city according to the planning districts set forth by the official city personnel.  (A map of these “districts” forms the background of this page.)

Within these boundaries I then set upon defining the various neighborhoods.  These “sub-boundaries” are subject to much debate, but after spending almost a full year researching and consulting with various experts in the field, I was able to come up with a workable solution.


With all of the boring work finished, it was now time to “capture it all”.

This is a work-in-progress, off to a decent start, but far from complete.  It is also quite an expensive endeavor, please consider becoming a patron of this important project.  Find out how you can help HERE.

Things have progressed pretty well since then, and I’ve just launched a brand new site to highlight the work of this project.  Clicking on this LINK will open a new window to this site.  The images there are all arranged according to neighborhood, which makes things a bit easier to view in context.

Daily posts will still be made on this site, so people have the option to follow along in a sequential perspective.  Plus there will also be other type of useful info and stories posted here, so feel free to follow along in both places.