In January of 2017 I left my former life as a Mechanical Engineer behind to devote more time to my real passion – Street Photography.

For as long as I can recall I have been obsessed with the visual history of the “grittiest” of cities – my hometown of Philadelphia – and have yearned to document its myriad of neighborhoods in detail.

To make this possible (and keep eating) I recently became a full-time rideshare driver.

Every day I criss-cross the streets of my city, sharing conversation with strangers from every locale, taking photos as I can, and just enjoying the new found freedom from the shackles of my former existence.

This blog I will provide open discourse about the many diverse neighborhoods that comprise this area, along with the many interesting stories from people who share this new life with me, even for just a few miles at a time.

Oh, and hopefully provide a decent photographic portrayal in the process.

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