About Me…


My name is Tony Juliano, and photography – especially street photography – is my passion and my primary focus.  It hasn’t always been this way, in my “past” life I worked as a mechanical engineer, but this all changed in June of 2017.

The X-Ray images above show the devastating result of an unfortunate motorcycle accident, which left me with a broken left elbow and a pretty much shattered left hip & leg.

As I recovered from this event, I decided to make some pretty drastic changes to my life, leaving the engineering world behind in order to focus on my true love – documentary photography.

To make this possible (and keep eating) I became a rideshare driver, which gives me the flexibility to devote the time I need to this project.  Every day I criss-cross the streets of my city, sharing conversation with strangers from every locale, taking photos as I can, and just enjoying the new found freedom from the shackles of my former existence.

About this Project…


“Picnic” – Neighborhood: University City

In this blog I will document daily life in the City of Philadelphia.  I’ll try to promote open discourse about the many diverse neighborhoods that comprise my city, along with thhe interesting stories from people who share this new life with me, even for just a few miles at a time.

Oh, and hopefully provide a decent photographic portrayal in the process.

For the Photo-Nerds Only…

All digital images are captured using FujiFilm equipment, including the stellar X100F and X-H1 with a variety of Fujinon lenses.


My analog photos (yes, I still shoot film once in a while) are taken using a vintage Nikon F3 & Nikon FA using either Kodak TRI-X (B&W) or Ektar (color) films and processed in-house.

Creative Commons License
All work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.